Did you always wanted to take a look inside New york’s most expensive penthouses, Dubai’s most exotic mansions, or even Montreal’s trendiest lofts ? This technology will take you to places you always dreamed of. A few weeks ago, I was on an Australian beach sunbathing. My secret for not getting a sunburn? Virtual reality


Virtual reality is an immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality (3D), that replicates an environment simulating a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, allowing the user to interact in that world. Virtual reality is not a new technology. Even before the 50’s, we could see traces of VR in technological history. www.wikipedia.com

virtual reality


Imagine sitting next to Anna Wintour in the first row at NYFW Dior’s fashion show. If you’re asking yourself if these VR glasses will fit your outfit, here’s your answer; the all black goggles are co-created by Dior and exclusively made by DigitasLNi Labs in France. They are using a Samsung Note 4 as the screen and headphones are built into the headset. This chic and futuristic element of fashion presents Dior’s white glowing logo.

Prepare yourself to be transported at the biggest Dior’s fashion shows. You will be able to see gorgeous models rushing backstage, makeup artists adding a final makeup touch to their muses and appreciate the new collection sitting next to celebrities in front row. Dior hasn’t confirmed which stores will provide the Dior Eyes VR experience yet. I’m pretty sure you will need an appointment to have the chance to enter Dior’s backstage world. Or maybe if you buy an expensive purse?

During London’s 2014 Fashion week, Topshop launched their virtual reality concept in their Oxford flagship store. Fashionistas could wear VR glasses and be transported at the TOPSHOP runway. They were transmitting the catwalk live from a front row seat. Yes, front row ladies. (picture: fashionistas wearing Oculus Rift)



Imagine visiting a few houses without driving in traffic all around the city with your real estate agent. Sotherby’s is already using the technolgy and Oculus Rift VR glasses to sell luxury propreties in the Hampton, New York and LA. www.fortune.com

Imagine test driving the car you would love to buy without having the annoying salesman sitting next to you. Audi showed their VR concept at the NY auto show in 2014. Toyota, Volvo and BMW are also testing the VR revolution amongst consumers to promote their new products.




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