Event coverage

Photography & blogging can be used to expand exposure to such events.
Covering an event is always a challenging task. Much needs to be handle ahead of time in order to get the perfect shots and right final product. That’s why we invest quite some time in pre production for photography or video projects. Here is what we usually ask our clients to prepare before a shoot.

Corporate events more often than not celebrate important milestones that have been made by organizations in their quest to achieve their objectives. They offer an opportunity for stakeholders in a company to meet and hold discussions in an environment that is not constrained by the rules normally applicable in the office. They are also used to make major announcements about products and the general direction that a corporate organization intends to take so as to effectively manage the challenges posed by the future. Coverage of corporate events through photography, videography or by use of bloggers or writers helps an organization communicate its identity to a greater audience.

Coverage of such important organizational events is therefore important. In this day and age of technological advancement in communications, it is very important that the information that comes out of such events be well controlled. Unchecked flow of information to the both the mainstream media and social media can be the genesis of an untold publicity nightmares. To avoid occurrence of such, coverage of corporate events by a professional company like Jed Lab works to reduce such risks.

Jed Lab offers an opcreativityortunity to corporate to tap into new media by offering live coverage of events. Using popular social media channels like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and other streaming channels a corporate event will enjoy the benefit that comes with professional live reporting of news relating to a company. Photography and blogging can be used to expand exposure to such events.

Live coverage of corporate events by Jed Lab helps build professional credibility. Covering an important event or the launch of a new product live, either by visuals or posting on social media means that as a brand you gain more credibility, and potential clients are likely to take you more seriously.

Information overload is possible in corporate events, and this is risky since clear delivery of a message is what many organizations aspire for in such events. Jed Lab works to ensure that information from such events is filtered and only a clear and concise message is delivered from corporate events to the public.

Covering events has another major advantage in that the information reaches an audience larger than those attending the event. By following online response and reactions to the event, organizers can easily determine the issues that they need to address, and deliver such information as appropriate for them.

Combined with the fact that information from such events is preserved online, this means that the potential audience can grow beyond any limits in the future. A virtual reference point therefore is created for parties who are in the need to know in the future.

Event coverage essentials: Photographer, videographer and blogger.


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